USA-IT Illicit Trade

Prevention Program

Certification On Illegal Trade And Anti-Counterfeiting

Join USA-IT’s six-part training series on Illicit Trade Prevention which has been tailored for business leaders, brand protection experts, and law enforcement personnel.

By attending the training series, you will develop a deeper understanding of the methodologies and best practices to apply for successful anti-illegal trade operations, as well as an advanced comprehension of legislation and industry-led initiatives that target counterfeiters and other illegal trade profiteers.

Featuring a lineup of expert speakers from federal agencies, multi-national companies, non-profits, and world-class research institutions, the multi-course training offers a unique opportunity for cross-sector networking and direct interaction with instructors.

Certification Designed For:

Law Enforcement Personnel

Business Leaders

Brand Protection Experts


Moderated by Alysa Erichs, USA-IT Spokesperson and Former Deputy Executive Associate Director at Homeland Security Investigations

Courses overview

Course 1

Emerging Trends of Illegal Trade – June 7

Illegal trade continuously evolves, exploiting technological innovation, legitimate supply chains, and modes of distribution. As criminal organizations identify new, profitable trends in the globalized marketplace, public and private actors face the challenge of identifying and acting against evolving vulnerabilities across legitimate marketplaces. Participants will learn how to utilize new and emerging tactics deployed jointly by federal agents and business leaders to disrupt illegal trade profiteers.

Course 2

Brand Protection and Anti-Counterfeiting – June 28

Counterfeiting is growing; it harms all sectors and jeopardizes the safety of consumers. Safeguarding citizens from this crime must entail protecting intellectual property and brand integrity. Participants will be exposed to a number of impactful, cross-sector operations that have led to successful outcomes against counterfeiters. They will also come away with new methodologies for spotlighting illegal products and strategies that can lead to similar successes in the fight against counterfeiters.

Course 3

Organized Theft Groups – July 19

Organized theft groups (OTGs) stifle innovation, encourage violence, and harm consumers. Sophisticated in their operations both online and within our primary hubs of commerce, these groups often involved in and receive proceeds from other crimes, including narcotics trafficking, human smuggling, and money laundering. Speakers will examine the sub-components of OTGs and the most common targets of these groups. Participants will learn how to augment their efforts in thwarting OTGs through the utilization of federal- and state-based programs and industry-led efforts.

Course 4

Money Laundering and Illegal Financial Flows – September 13

Money laundering and other forms of illegal financial flows fund criminal organizations, foster corruption, and destabilize the global financial system. Participants will become versed in both the different techniques criminals use to launder money and the operational tools utilized by the financial sector and federal government to pinpoint and manage risks posed by illegal financiers.

Course 5

Case Investigations and Prosecution – October 13

At the foundation of stopping criminals is the construction of a strong and thorough case. There are many critical elements in forming a strong case against criminals and their organizations, including investigative equipment, forensic science, database management, and more. Members of law enforcement and the judicial system will share best practices and recommendations to succeed in building a strong case against illegal trade profiteers and their networks.

Course 6

Legislative Pathways Towards Security – October 25

One of the most effective ways to combat criminals is through legislation. Speakers familiar with current and pending legislation at the state and federal levels will share their thoughts on what has worked and where improvements must be made. In doing so, participants will learn how existing laws can strengthen initiatives led by businesses and law enforcement against illegal trade. They will also discover how to best present areas in need of reform to lawmakers.ion website.