About USA-IT Anti Illegal Trade Initiative

About Us

About USA-IT

United to Safeguard America from Illegal Trade is a public education initiative to combat black market trade. Supported by a coalition of national and state brand enforcement experts, law enforcement agencies, and leading business organizations, the campaign will provide local officials, law enforcement, and thought leaders with information and training programs to help tackle illegal trade and raise public awareness of the depth of the problem as well as the severe consequences inflicted on states and municipalities by black market profiteers.

Why Are We Leading This Initiative?

Illegal trade takes many nefarious forms, connected by shadowy webs of bad actors. But no single company, industry or government can address this complex problem on its own. Tackling illegal trade requires cooperation and public-private partnerships, making full use of existing expertise, information sharing, innovative solutions and evolving technologies. Public actors, the private sector and civil society alike all have a role to play.

With USA-IT, we’re proud to join together to launch a powerful, new, state-by-state counter-action against these criminals.