Illegal Trade In Nevada


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Illegal Trade In Nevada

Nevada’s thriving economy attracts individuals from all over the world. But aside from the spectacular shows and mega-casinos, the state also attracts criminals who exploit its positive attributes through illegal trade.

The Silver State is a key target for traffickers because of a thriving tourism and entertainment industry, which attracts over 40 million visitors annually. Drug traffickers often use the high volume of tourists as a cover for their transportation and distribution operations, using the same modes of transportation as tourists to move their illicit drugs. In 2020, 788 Nevadans died from drug overdoses, 225 of which were caused by fentanyl—a 227 percent increase from the number of fentanyl deaths in 2019.

But these criminals do not care what they’re trafficking, as long as it earns them a profit. They will traffic human beings (Nevada ranks 15th in the country for human trafficking) or counterfeit and stolen goods. In 2021 alone, retail thefts in Nevada totaled more than $466 million and cost the state nearly $39 million in state and local taxes.

While law enforcement agencies are doing everything they can, it’s too much for them to handle alone. This is why USA-IT is so proud to be working locally in Nevada. Together, we can fight back against black-market profiteers and secure a safer, more prosperous future.

We are United to Safeguard Nevada from Illegal Trade.


Working together to fight back

We’re building crucial relationships and sharing our collective, vast expertise with state and local agencies, law enforcement, the business community, and others. Stay tuned for more updates.


Protecting Nevada:
What we’re up against

Nevada currently ranks fifteenth in the U.S. in human trafficking cases. Since 2007, Nevada has had 1,637 cases of human trafficking.

In 2020, deaths caused by fentanyl increased 227 percent in Nevada from the prior year.

In 2021 alone, retail thefts in Nevada totaled over $466 million and cost nearly $39 million in state and local taxes.


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