Marilyn Monroe, Dead 59 Years, Is a Counterfeiter’s Best Friend

By Susan Decker | Bloomberg

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USA-IT featured in Bloomberg News story on the counterfeiting of Marilyn Monroe with quotes by coalition partner the Center for Anti-Counterfeiting and Product Protection at Michigan State University:

“She’s got a timeless beauty that even today still resonates. She represents a part of this history and the culture of this country that people identify with.”

“That makes her name and image profitable with both legitimate companies that license the rights from Authentic Brands and those that haven’t. And Marilyn Monroe isn’t alone. Just about every product on the market has a counterfeit version sold on the cheap, Kennedy said.”

“As a consumer, if you go online and look for a product, we don’t know what’s trademarked, what’s copyrighted — we just know the product we’re looking for. One of our partners at the center joked that if you’re a company and you manufacture a product and you don’t have counterfeits, you’re making a really crappy product.”

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