Fake Pharma Websites Bring Fentanyl Right to Your Laptop

By Elaine Mallon | Inside Sources

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USA-IT partners quoted on the ways the internet and medical e-commerce have facilitated the rise of illegal trade:

“‘With the internet, there is no longer a need for a street drug dealer, said Kari Kammel with the Michigan State University Center for Anti-Counterfeiting and Product Protection. If you have someone based in China putting together counterfeit Xanax and lacing it with Fentanyl they can sell directly to consumers in small packages,’ Kammel said. ‘Customs isn’t getting them through shipments in big sea freights. You don’t have drug-sniffing dogs looking for a small envelope package.’”

“Fake pharmacies are not looking to give consumers a good deal. United to Safeguard America from Illegal Trade spokesman Matt Albence said the sites are operated by drug cartels — some with ties to terrorism. ‘They aren’t bound by any regulations or laws,’ Albence said. ‘They have no care or concern for the individuals who may drastically suffer from utilizing their products.’”

“Cooperation between the private sector and law enforcement agencies is key, Albence said. ‘There has to be a commitment by the social media platforms to participate and provide information to law enforcement so they can take the required action against these illegal actors.’”

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