Retail Theft Crackdown Proposal Sails Through Senate

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Matt Albence, USA-IT spokesman and former acting director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), discusses the increasing threat of organized retail crime and how we must work together to combat it:

“The criminal syndicates that perpetrate organized retail theft are often the same networks engaging in the drug trade, human trafficking, and other forms of illegal trade, like illicit tobacco and counterfeit products. They follow the money and are quick to seize any opportunity to make a profit — including leveraging the explosion of e-commerce to sell stolen goods on social media and online marketplaces.”

“Policymakers must also be agile and adapt their tactics, working alongside law enforcement and the private sector, to combat this threat. Failing to do so will allow these criminal networks to flourish, with the negative consequences being felt far beyond any individual victim or store front.”

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