Arizona Business Community Up To Task Of Stamping Out Illegal Trade

By Mike Bailey

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Mike Bailey, general counsel and director of legal reform programs for the Arizona Chamber of Commerce & Industry, discusses the dangers of illegal trade and how Arizona businesses are working together to fight back.

“Arizona business leaders have been rallying against the dangers of illegal trade, creating partnerships with national institutions and between the private and public sector to respond to this crisis. Illegal trade presents a continuing threat to Arizona’s economic prosperity and public safety, and leaders with diverse backgrounds have come together to find common solutions.”

“It’s not just money. Illegal trade puts lives at risk. Massive fentanyl seizures are commonplace. In recent weeks, a cache of fentanyl precursor chemicals was seized from a Tucson warehouse. Because of the scale and complexity of illegal trade, business leaders must create partnerships that mobilize community resources.”

“The Arizona Chamber of Commerce & Industry has been proud to support United to Safeguard America from Illegal Trade (USA-IT), a private-public partnership that protects Americans from black market criminals. Last December, the Chamber was recognized with the 2022 Award for Most Committed USA-IT Partner for its dedicated work on the frontlines of the illegal trade issue. These partnerships build upon the work of business leaders, law enforcement, and policy experts to understand the many facets of illegal trade and to develop strategies to combat them.”

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